Access Controls

Access Control Systems

Access Technologies offers a full cross-platform modular access control solution, in addition to video surveillance. Navigate easily with our ergonomic user interface—that provides a unique connection to your devices, displays, and programs, including access control in the cloud. Access also pulls together different hardware configurations, making it easy to execute commands throughout your facility or network, or fully cloud-based systems.

And, when it comes to camera control and video surveillance, we’ve got you covered. Our devices can track all pre-set events and customized alarms that you specify. Alarm displays, alert sounds, and geo-targeted messages also offer convenience and safety to your workplace. We also offer solutions where camera position, iris, and focus can be pre-set . One click—and your security cameras quickly go where you need them. Don’t worry about being physically connected to your system, Access Technologies offers cloud-based control systems that reach out to you via text messaging and e-mail.

Access Technologies provides the best in IP based keyless entry solutions that are equipped with full software features to ensure reliable security management and monitoring of your facility's doors and entrance points in real time 24/7. Our Access Control solutions allow for keyless employee-only access to restricted areas, automatic unlocking and opening capabilities, keeping facility secure from unwanted intruders, theft, and vandalism, and protects employees and visitors from limited areas during certain hours. With our Access Control system, any operation can monitor who is entering and leaving the facility and will be alerted and protected against unauthorized access.

Our Access Control systems feature:

  • IP-based keyless entrance through fobs, photo badges, iris scans, or fingerprints
  • Scalable and supports unlimited doors and users
  • Operates through power and network outages
  • Available cellphone credentialing
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing IT network
  • Hosted and highly secure
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Convenient web-based interface for easy remote management on any computer at any time
  • Real-time operations


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