Thursday, November 6th, 2014

How the Cloud Can Advance Social & Economic Development

For most of us, technology has changed our lives in very tangible ways. We can navigate with GPS on our phones, or we can check our e-mail from anywhere in the world with wireless. Technology has added a level of convenience and connectivity to our lives- we can Skype with our loved ones from the road, get news and weather updates as they develop. The possibilities seem boundless, and profound advances are being made all the time. In the developing world technology continues to make an even more meaningful impact.

The growing number of cellphones, satellites, and cloud based apps and services has created opportunity by offering vital information and services, aiding in social and economic development. One particularly noteworthy advancement is the rise of cloud based services in developing nations that have allowed communities to make strides in developing business and promoting public health initiatives. As providers of cloud services, Access Technologies is invested in the developments in this field, and the limitless potential that technology has to change the world.

Cloud services allow for centralized data storage that does not rely on local servers. This might mean accessing a Google doc or photos uploaded to Facebook, but it can also mean that in nations where the electrical grid is iffy at best, users can circumvent the grid entirely and not be forced to rely on local servers, either.

Developing small and medium businesses can progress through this cheap, remote informational technology, and help to stimulate employment in their region. Inexpensive, battery powered smartphones expand access to the world’s information library. Yet, cloud based services are not limited by the physical technology that users have access to, like a computer or a smartphone. Some services, like Australia and Africa-based biNu, use cloud based apps to deliver a smartphone-like experience to people with a standard mobile phone. That’s a powerful technology when you consider that 75% of the world has access to mobile networks, and about the same percentage has access to a mobile phone. This means news, health information, e-mail, and social features are becoming more available to the world’s population.

Public health initiatives are also receiving a boon from cloud services. Mobile health technologies connect health workers with patients through all manner of cloud based technologies, broadening their reach, expanding their ability to provide advice, deliver service, track trends, and manage patient data.

At Access Technologies, we believe that technology can empower people, and provide opportunities where there were none before. It’s all about potential, whether you’re working in community development or at a small business. Find out what our cloud based services can do for you by giving us a call today at (505) 938-3945.

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