Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Video Conferencing in the Cloud: Exclusive LifeSize Offer

Cloud computing refers to the recent, widespread paradigm shift of accessing software, files, pictures, and more over the web as opposed to via storage on a physical computer. The cloud marketplace is expanding at an incredible, and ever increasing, rate. By the end of 2014, reports suggest that a collective 13 billion dollars will be spent on the cloud, driving further investment in cloud-based software and services. The cloud offers endless utility to business, and can be used to boost ROI, connectivity, and collaboration when it comes to videoconferencing. Employment is increasingly elastic, and businesses have to keep up with trending technology in order to compete.

More convenient and more efficient than traveling, videoconferencing is decidedly becoming the preferred means of conducting both one-on-one and group meetings. Live video feeds allow participants to connect and exchange ideas in real time while in a comfortable setting. The ease of videoconferencing increases employee involvement and helps each to forge stronger personal connections, while desktop and document sharing options improve collaboration and reduce time spent on projects.

Traditional videoconferencing equipment can be expensive and difficult to use, but in the cloud, users can enjoy the immense benefit of this technology without the need for hardware and infrastructure. Access Technologies’ videoconferencing tools are system agnostic, require no hardware deployment, and remain incredibly secure. Videoconferencing rendered through cloud services transcode data by translating different protocols into one uniform format, so users don’t need to be on the same system to securely communicate with one another. With our videoconferencing services, no one needs to connect to anyone else’s software, making it safer than traditional deployment.

Access Technologies has partnered with LifeSize HD Videoconferencing to deliver high quality end-to-end online conferencing for sharing HD voice, video, and content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. All functionality for our videoconferencing services are handled on our side, so connecting is as easy a simple download, and scaling your services is quick and painless.

As part of an exclusive, end-of-year engagement, LifeSize and Access Technologies are offering $1,000 off MSRP on Icon 600 configurations with any LifeSize cloud-based purchase, all expertly installed by Access Technologies. Upgrade your videoconferencing services and become more competitive with services from ATI and products from LifeSize- act before December 26th to enjoy these savings!

From our years at work in the field of technology, we’ve learned how critical it is to keep your business up-to-date when it comes to communication, and videoconferencing is an essential component to any business’s performance on a large scale. Effective communication increases profitability as well as provides innately human synergy among far-flung players in your field. Get the benefits easily and cost effectively through videoconferencing services from Access Technologies, where we appreciate and reinforce the progression of other area businesses.

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