Monday, February 16th, 2015

Working Well in the Cloud: Dropbox vs. Access File Sync

File storage in the Cloud is the latest advancement in file access and remote collaboration. For years the preeminent Cloud file sharing service was Dropbox- but is the service offered by Dropbox truly fit for business? With growing security concerns around the company’s security policies and compromised ability to deliver protected hosting for important company data, Access Technologies decided to develop a more comprehensive cloud storage solution. Access File Sync tool is a complete, worry-free way to stay current with technological trends while maintaining top-level security. Available as a singular service or as part of the NED Cloud Services Suite, Access File Sync delivers the easy user interface and data storage ability of Dropbox, but with heightened security to ensure that your data stays safe in the Cloud.

Since 2012, Dropbox has failed to guard its customers from a string of cyber attacks that have compromised data security on a large scale. In addition to several dramatic breaches in security, the service failed to notify customers and protect from similar attacks going forward. Clarity and transparency are essential to feeling confident in working with a company. At Access Technologies we develop a dialog with our clients to make sure that they’re being taken care of and feel confident in the services we provide. When Dropbox failed to take security concerns impacting the privacy of their users seriously, many people lost faith in the ability of the Cloud to store private information. Yet, there are alternatives to working with Dropbox that will help you trust the Cloud again, like Access Technologies’ powerful new tool.

Access File Sync delivers users everything they like about Dropbox- friendly interface, syncing across devices, ability to access files from anywhere, and lots of space- without the glaring security concerns and big price tags. At Access Technologies we believe that you can’t deliver a great service without feeling fully confident in your product, that’s why we’ve built a Cloud storage system that we can promise delivers unparalleled security. Control and encryption are crucial to delivering high end Cloud data storage- a secure foundation from which to build your company.

To further enhance your security, Access File Sync tool allows you to easily unlink lost or stolen devices that have access to your Cloud storage, and to remotely wipe your essential information from them. We emphasize transparency and provide critical support whenever you need it. NED managed services provide 24/7 monitoring while our skilled staff fields your questions. Ready to experience the Access Technologies difference? Contact us for consultation and pricing!

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Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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