Friday, April 24th, 2015

How Broadband & Videoconferencing Technology are Revolutionizing Education

While in many parts of Albuquerque wireless high-speed internet is the norm and the average person can download information onto a smartphone, tablet, or laptop within seconds, this isn’t the case throughout much of the world, both in developed nations and others. Access Technologies has seen firsthand and been influential in developing technologies in New Mexico that deliver broadband internet access and videoconferencing technologies to areas that can benefit from the enormous potential these technologies provide to provide education to whole communities.

Broadband wireless internet, internet services that employ wide bandwidth data transmission that can transmit a lot of information very quickly has changed the way we communicate with its robust applications like video chat, livestreaming, and its general efficiency for transmitting other images and text. It has changed the way we work, shop, and learn. This is just one of the many applications of powerful technology that is promoting social change throughout New Mexico and the world.

Internet access has become a force shaping and revolutionizing education in remote and impoverished parts of the world, and this is largely achieved through videoconferencing technology. In the classroom, videoconferencing brings highly qualified and skilled educators into areas that are typically underserved and must navigate chronic teacher shortages. For example, in the remotest parts of Canada, like the Nunavut territory, and bustling schools in big city South Africa, video conferencing technology, once in place, allows a huge population of students to receive quality instruction where there was previously no teacher to deliver it. The initial investment in software and infrastructure produces a tenfold return on the investment through a more educated populace.

Access Technologies delivers the right technologies for education, working hard to develop applications that enhance the learning experience for children and adults throughout the southwestern region. While New Mexico may not face the same challenges that remote and underserved parts of the world do, high density wifi and video conferencing services can still help school systems to advance the knowledge of their students and reach tangible goals.

We’re ready to get started employing new technologies this summer for the 2015 and 2016 school year. Get in touch with Access Technologies to begin planning and implementing the success of your student population.

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