Saturday, June 27th, 2015

How Technology is Changing Disaster Relief

The recent earthquake that devastated Nepal is just one example of how, in the aftermath of tragedy, aid workers and local communities are utilizing technology to provide lifesaving information regionally and internationally, communicate strategies and news, and quickly deliver aid to individuals affected. Access Technologies has long been committed to the application of informational technology and high performance IT systems to the improvement of our local community in Albuquerque and the world. Whether it is videoconferencing equipment used to deliver education or cloud storage accelerating economic progress in developing nations- technology has the power to improve our world and better our future. When applied to disaster relief, technology in many forms has the capacity to provide tools that do more than offer convenience, but save lives.

Relief agencies working around the world are increasingly emphasizing providing support to areas affected by natural and man-made disasters in the form of things like stations where refugees can charge their phones and communicate with loved ones around the globe. High density WiFi and performance broadband provided to even inaccessible regions through drones or traditional technologies make locating family and friends much easier, and in turn, mitigate panic.

Effective communication is one of the most compelling applications of technology in any scenario, and in crisis situations, it becomes essential in order to maintain order and effectively deliver aid. Humanitarian agencies are quickly adopting applications that allow individuals accessing wireless internet to contribute to webs of information, like crowdsourced maps that help relief like food and medicine get to the most appropriate areas in a timely manner.

In recent years and in the wake of devastating tragedy, technology has provided faster recovery through boosted and consistent communication and by opening the door to survivors and relief workers to collaborate. Social media has been a boon to disaster relief in the form of mobilizing volunteers, providing apps to translate information to local dialects, and delivering information that is more effective at reaching a wide audience than traditional media.

The possibilities of wireless internet and similar technologies to unite people around the globe and channel a vast amount of energy into meaningful action means that communities can be restored more quickly and lives can be rebuilt in the aftermath of disaster. Access Technologies is excited to engage everyday with IT that can be applied to business, local government, public service, and beyond. Want to know more about how technology can change your life? Get in touch with our expert technicians.

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