Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The Workforce of the Future

Rapid and dramatic changes to the tools and environment in which we work are transforming the offices of yesterday and essentially, changing the way the average American works. At Access Technologies we've always believed that technology can be a transformational entity that has the power to alter society and the workplace for the better. That’s why we take an integrated approach with all the wireless, WiFi and physical security components.

With the development of easy online file storage and sharing in the form of The Cloud, advances in the ways in which we collaborate like video conferencing, and the accessibility and prevalence of wireless internet, the workplace of the future is allowing for greater freedom and flexibility. Today, innovators are shaping the workplace to explore and expand sustainability, accessibility, material innovation, and productivity- and technology is at the center of the revolution.

A new generation of workers is entering the workplace and expect greater freedom in where, when, and how work is performed. Companies must address these organizational changes in order to attract the best and brightest new talent. Great potential lies within the technology of video conferencing to maintain connection and foster collaboration across distance. Cloud based video conferencing services, like those offered by Access Technologies and our partners, LifeSize, allow individuals to connect easily and reliably. Through such technology, employees are offered a greater degree of choice, autonomy, and a broader range of people with whom to connect and collaborate, driving better outcomes on all levels.

In addition to the great potential that lies within expanded and innovative forms of communication, robust cloud storage and expansive WiFi allow for incredible transformation in the workplace. Readily available data, that can be very securely stored and accessed is essential to the modern workplace, and is just one of the technologies that will produce more engaged and happy employees that will in turn, drive further progress.

Embrace new, more efficient ways of working at your business by leveraging technologies that elevate human abilities and benefit both the company and the individual. The potential is limitless when it comes to technology, and the evolution of the workplace has the potential to allow individuals across the world to live more locally, fulfill more creative roles, and achieve a better work/life balance. Contact Access Technologies to discuss how to integrate technology more effectively into your office, and how we can manage and sustain the health of your IT systems to provide an uncompromising and totally optimized work environment.

Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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