Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Surveillance for Business Security

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Keeping your property, employees, and assets safe is just one important application of video surveillance that is at the forefront of every business owner's mind. Yet, advanced video surveillance systems do much more than just provide a theft deterrent. The access controls and video surveillance systems developed at Access Technologies provide a cost effective and easy to implement way in which to monitor your property, productivity, gain insights, and respond quickly to any threats.

Businesses of all sizes are implementing video surveillance in response to increased security and safety concerns, theft, traffic, and government regulations. Access Technologies designs surveillance for the unique structure and needs of regional businesses that allow business owners to monitor the environment, respond quickly, and control the situation.

Customized and hosted video surveillance and access control solutions mean that your organization can review footage, receive event notifications, and have remote access to cameras anywhere that there is an internet connection while spending less time on security and more time on your core objectives. Reducing financial loss by monitoring theft, performance, and compliance contributes to stronger returns at the end of the fiscal year, but the potential doesn't stop there. Proactive video surveillance also provides insight and invaluable business data such as the ability to monitor customer traffic. Accurate perceptions and data on customer traffic can improve ROI by allowing the ability to measure the impact of marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and forecast the effectiveness of staffing and building design.

The number of applications for video surveillance and range of analytic possibilities are expansive and ever evolving. Local government can gain nuanced knowledge of traffic flow and patterns that provide for more effective planning, development, and safety, while businesses can apply this technology to the creation of an audit trail, gain clarification on essential processes and major events, as well as deter theft.

The technicians at Access Technologies strive to create integrated access controls that are effectively managed and maintained in order to reduce the stress of local business owners, while providing tools that allow for expansion and innovation. Video surveillance is just one of the many security services delivered by Access Technologies. Explore the options we provide that drive achievement in the workplace, or contact us with questions.

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