Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Cloud Access: Ready to Grow with Your Company

As companies grow, there is the increasing need for additional security in sensitive areas and to verify the credentials of employees and to communicate outward to business owners and security personnel. Historically, strong authentication for organizations has been out of reach due to cost considerations and the complexity of installation. However, with the assistance of Access Technologies' Integrated Services, credential management can be easy and cost-effective.

For many businesses, access control meant hardwired computer access control systems. One door, one employee, one control panel at a time. Costly, cumbersome, and self-limiting.

Enter-- Cloud Access Control.

Cloud Access Control from Access Technologies allows for scalable security to one or multiple locations in one city or across the world. No longer tied to a hardwired closed system, Cloud Access Control provides the business owner, human resources, or security personnel the ability to control the flow of employees, contractors, tenants, and customers. And, Access Technologies’ integrated software allows the physical control of doors, lock-downs, lock-outs, and alarm monitoring in a simple and easily accessible format.

Cloud Control allows users to interact with a streamlined web-browser interface. Users simply log in on their Smart Phone or other device and manage their facility, view security camera, and modify settings. And, e-mails and text messages alert users when there’s an issue— any issue, as defined by the user.

And, since each business vertical has its own challenges for cloud computing including access control and security, Access Technologies has systems ready to roll out for dozens of applications. In healthcare, managers are focused on patient safety, as well as surveilling expensive medical devices and equipment; governments and municipalities require differing levels of access to secured locations; small businesses require security monitoring and access control with the ability to scale, while managing expenses.

For all business and government segments, Access Technologies understands and can meet user needs with flexible systems designed to provide safe and efficient access control.

Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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