Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Digital Signage for Retail Communications

Maintaining your store’s weekly ads, changing sale price tags, and new promotional signage no longer has to be a time consuming part of your job with the help of Access Technologies. Digital signage is a new innovation for communications within a business that uses a network of digital displays to distribute content that can be managed from a central source.

For retail stores, the list of benefits to using digital signage to sell your products far outweigh those of using static signage.

One of the most favored features of digital signage that benefits you the business owner, is the web-based management of active displays. Say you have a digital display set up in front of the outdoor working boots section of your sporting goods store that scrolls through the weekly promotions on a specific brand of boot. When the week is over and it’s time to post a new promotion, you can simply log in to you web-based management system and change the ad from your store office.

To bring these features to your store, Access Technologies utilizes the latest technology from SCALA, a groundbreaker in software for digital signage. SCALA uses advanced analytics to understand what your customers will most likely buy based on specific circumstances and provide suggestions on when and where to post your advertisements and promotions in your store. For example, starting the first week of August, your department store’s digital displays would start advertising back to school promotions and sales. As the weather starts getting colder in October, your digital displays will start advertising winter apparel.

The key benefits provided by digital signage for you as the business owner, are that you can save time, money, and boost your sales by utilizing digital signage. To learn more about this new innovative way to communicate with your customers in your retail store, call Access Technologies at 505-938-3945 or visit our website.

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