Friday, August 28th, 2015

Access Control in the Cloud

Cloud computing is a new and growing way of hosting data and applications on a central server with mobile accessibility. Instead of hosting your business’ systems on an in-house server that requires constant upkeep, Access Technologies can provide the hosting and take care of the maintenance, saving your business time and money.

With the cloud, onsite software and older hard-wired systems are unnecessary. Using a smartphone, mobile device, or computer to access a secure web-app, Access Technologies can give you access to data, applications, and programs for your business with a secure login.

Cloud-based access control and security services are also an emerging service for small and medium businesses. With cloud technology, you no longer need to remain tethered to your computer desk or on your laptop to be in control of your business’ security. You can now access security cameras, accounts and passwords, as well as information about your business’ security from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet. Alerts can even populate on your smartphone for security breaches or for your own predefined situations as soon as they are detected. Mobile access control is convenient for you the business owner, and is one of the cloud’s most-liked features.

Whether you need to change passwords, account information, or grant access for authorized users in your business, access control in the cloud is not only convenient, but also cost-effective. Without the need for extra software, hard-wired systems, or computers dedicated to your business’ security needs, there are reduced up-front costs when implementing access conn the cloud. There are also less complexities involved meaning there will no longer be an extra expense of in-house system maintenance.

Every business vertical has its own individualized need for security. Whether a retail store requiring security cameras, a healthcare facility requiring restricted access to certain patient information databases, or a government agency requiring restricted access for employees to certain areas, Access Technologies has the equipment and systems needed to run a secure business.

Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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