Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Outdated Security Cameras Are Not Effective

How old are your video surveillance cameras? They may be too old to be useful when you really need them.

A recent segment on a local TV news station highlights the problems with outdated video surveillance systems. The segment was produced following several instances in which surveillance videos caught crimes in progress, but failed to produce any usable visual data because of the grainy, blurry footage.

Security cameras that are five or more years old may not produce images that are of use to authorities or insurance companies, even when the subjects are within 10 feet of them. Newer cameras, however, have such high resolution and image quality that law enforcement authorities are able obtain valuable visual details from security cameras situated across the street from where a crime or incident takes place.

A good example of the clarity of newer cameras is the case where a homeless man was brutally attacked and burned in Albuquerque in July of 2015. Footage from surveillance cameras situated across the street captured footage clear enough to lead to the arrest of the suspects perpetrating this heinous crime.

What you may not realize is that the newer, higher-quality security cameras are cheaper than what the old, blurry, grainy cameras were. New surveillance cameras may come to the aid of a stranger, a colleague, a child, or even yourself. Make sure you’re prepared in the event you really need quality security footage. Contact Access Technologies today to see the equipment and systems our experts can design and install.

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