Innovation, perhaps the most valuable asset in any business, depends critically on the ability of individuals to share ideas. The undisputable fact remains- people need other people to realize their greatest impact and to meaningfully brainstorm, expand, and implement their vision. In recent years, technology has changed how we collaborate and expands our opportunities to do so. From WiFi and wireless to voice systems, cloud storage, and video conferencing, never have their been so many ways to collaborate and join forces even when working from different places. To fuel this revolution in the workplace, Access Technologies offers tools and platforms that support ever more powerful means of collaboration. Accelerate the pace of your business's innovation through systems that encourage and support this key factor in success. Here, we'll take a look at some of the tools that will modernize and advance your business by encouraging collaboration and in turn improve process and workplace performance.

While in many parts of Albuquerque wireless high-speed internet is the norm and the average person can download information onto a smartphone, tablet, or laptop within seconds, this isn’t the case throughout much of the world, both in developed nations and others. Access Technologies has seen firsthand and been influential in developing technologies in New Mexico that deliver broadband internet access and videoconferencing technologies to areas that can benefit from the enormous potential these technologies provide to provide education to whole communities.

In today’s global and increasingly fast paced marketplace, it is important not just for businesses to get things done, but to get them done quickly. Data agility is all about optimizing your essential processes and making the flow of information and communication efficient and easy. Access Technologies helps local businesses achieve data agility by developing customized solutions that provide the opportunity to share information more effectively through regularly updated and monitored systems that encourage communication and collaboration across departments. These tools help businesses, regardless of size, access data in order to quick adjust marketing and other business strategies to meet changing customer needs.

As a graduated 8(a) minority and woman-owned DBE designated company, Access Technologies understands the vital role that women play in the tech industry. A wealth of research recently released from the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology suggests that diversity in the workplace strengthens decision-making and diverse teams tend to be more innovative as well as capital efficient. At Access Technologies we’re proud to have women like Pie Gorman in leadership roles that consistently help to lead us in the direction of intelligent modernization in the technology and business worlds.

You can have all the fancy devices in the world, but if their batteries are dead, they mean nothing. For Access Technologies’ April installment of Tim’s Gadget of the Month we’re taking a close look at the Cyntur JumperPack Mini, a small device that has a big impact on any carry. This remarkable little gadget has a lot of utility and is lightweight, sturdy, and small enough to keep on your person, so you’ll always have it handy in a cinch. This portable jump box ensures that you are never left stranded with its ability to keep your tech ticking on the go.

Billed as the “digital Swiss Army Knife”, the KiiTAG2 has been getting a lot of attention since its inception and subsequent boost through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Within one week after launching the Kickstarter campaign to develop the KiiTAG2, the project had raised more than $10,000 and thousands of backers. The supreme functionality of the small device is garnering it a lot of well-deserved attention, and after its official release in May, techies and gadget enthusiasts will probably see even more chatter about the device.

All government agencies rely on effective informational technology to run successfully and continue serving the public well. As agencies begin to consider the approaching fiscal year end, looking to the future and strategizing for successful IT investment, management, and procurement becomes key. At Access Technologies we examine ongoing and upcoming technology trends and engage with organizations at every level in important conversations about the future of technology and modernization.

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