The issue of cybersecurity has taken on a great feeling of urgency in the past year with high profile hacks of industry giants like Sony and the compromised security of large-scale cloud storage systems like Dropbox. The growing concern for issues of privacy and security online was highlighted by last month’s White House Cybersecurity Summit held on Stanford University’s campus in California.

Early March saw the premiere of CBS’s latest addition to the CSI franchise with the air of CSI: Cyber a crime-driven drama that focuses on cybersecurity, digital threats, and how to evolve and stay protected in an ever-changing technological landscape. At Access Technologies, we make a business out of security and advanced IT knowledge, and as such are thrilled to see a mainstream television program highlighting online security as an important issue.

Enterprise level cloud storage services must emphasize a few key elements in order to successfully serve businesses in the cloud. Cloud data services should effectively make sharing data easy and fast, while maintaining superior security, and readily delivering support. Access Technologies has developed superior online object storage for files and media, with the ability to deliver them globally at amazing speeds. Our cloud services are optimized for businesses that want to employ technology to increase the efficacy of their infrastructure.

In the federal, local, and tribal governmental communities, the ability to efficiently communicate and share data is essential to productivity. Bureaus and individuals with related missions are increasingly demanding the ability to share critical information with one another. With varying levels of security required, and a vast amount of information to be uploaded and shared, cloud storage provides the most logical approach to data sharing for government. Access Technologies has developed a unique and workable cloud storage solution specially adapted for government data storage needs.

It is essential for every business to have a continuity plan in order to meet challenges and navigate disaster. Technology must be integrated into that plan in order to provide the most comprehensive backup, support, and resolution. Managed services from Access Technologies are an ideal mode of approaching business continuity planning, and can provide not only peace of mind, but a thorough and secure means to plan for the future.

File storage in the Cloud is the latest advancement in file access and remote collaboration. For years the preeminent Cloud file sharing service was Dropbox- but is the service offered by Dropbox truly fit for business? With growing security concerns around the company’s security policies and compromised ability to deliver protected hosting for important company data, Access Technologies decided to develop a more comprehensive cloud storage solution. Access File Sync tool is a complete, worry-free way to stay current with technological trends while maintaining top-level security. Available as a singular service or as part of the NED Cloud Services Suite, Access File Sync delivers the easy user interface and data storage ability of Dropbox, but with heightened security to ensure that your data stays safe in the Cloud.

Access Technologies is the Southwest’s purveyor of digital display solutions that range from information delivering video wall systems (see an example of our digital signage work with the State of New Mexico) to marketing displays that deliver key information in real time. Digital display offers businesses, local government, educational institutions, and other organizations the opportunity to enhance communication both internally and with the public. Customizable, easy to change, and easy to manage advanced systems yield great returns- and the applications are truly endless. Digital signs are able to compel, inform, and motivate.

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Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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