Information technology for small business is a consistent, annoying distraction that keeps business owners and their employees from being able to focus on the tasks that truly matter. Someone must effectively manage the IT for your small business, and too often it becomes the added responsibility of someone on staff without the expertise to do it efficiently. Time lost on IT struggles translates to a negative effect on revenue, and a high opportunity cost. The IT environment of small businesses is as complex as any other, and to effectively manage it and reclaim productivity, managed services for small business are key.

The National Dance Institute of New Mexico employs the services of Access Technologies advanced access control and video surveillance structures to keep their Santa Fe and Albuquerque based offices and studios secure and functioning at their peak. Our uniquely designed security systems allow only authorized staff and members to enter the premises, while video surveillance provides for maximum monitoring and safety 24/7.

Recently the State of New Mexico’s Internet Technology Department enlisted the help of Access Technologies to create a digital signage display that would effectively deliver critical information to the Santa Fe, New Mexico work site. The display created and refined by Access Technologies is a fully customizable Planar Clarity Matrix video wall that allows users to interface with essential information concerning health, efficiency, and security within the state’s network.

You’ve probably heard about cloud computing a lot lately. This trendsetting bit of technology is currently at the height of popularity, and is on track to becoming even more widely used in the coming years. Cloud services are present in lots of technology we use daily, though you might not readily recognize them. Social media sites like Facebook, and versatile titans like Google are helping you store your information in the cloud all the time. Yet, increased value can be found in applying cloud services to business operations.

In today’s global and fractured marketplace, the ability to work with and optimize technology services is becoming increasingly important for a business’s successful collaboration and development. IT services have grown from being a minor part in the background of a business’s operation to being front and center. Today, IT teams are critical in shaping the future of business and helping to make key decisions, all while meeting critical demands in real time. The popularity of managed IT services has accelerated in the past several years, and will continue to do so, for the simple fact that they work.

For any business, regardless of size, there comes a point when the organization must assess the effectiveness of its IT support services and decide whether or not to outsource their technology. Exploring managed services can be an overwhelming task, so Access Technologies, as leaders in information technology services in the area, have compiled all the relevant information you should consider when it comes to selecting an IT service provider.

Cloud computing refers to the recent, widespread paradigm shift of accessing software, files, pictures, and more over the web as opposed to via storage on a physical computer. The cloud marketplace is expanding at an incredible, and ever increasing, rate. By the end of 2014, reports suggest that a collective 13 billion dollars will be spent on the cloud, driving further investment in cloud-based software and services. The cloud offers endless utility to business, and can be used to boost ROI, connectivity, and collaboration when it comes to videoconferencing. Employment is increasingly elastic, and businesses have to keep up with trending technology in order to compete.

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Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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