SCADA: Cellular Routers and Radios

scada radio

Connecting and monitoring remote sites in geographically-challenging areas is the job of Access Technologies. Utilizing SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, allows end-users the ability to acquire and process sensor data through their own centrally-managed servers. This end-user owned, standalone network is private, and therefore completely secure. The collection of the data then allows the end-user the ability to automatically or manually control those systems from a remote location. Centralizing those functions dramatically reduces costs while providing encrypted, secure access and two-way communication throughout the process 24/7.

  • Natural disaster emergency communication
  • Polling architecture and monitoring of sensors and metering devices
  • Real-time control of remote devices
  • Intermediate links between subnetworks and the backbone

Contact Access Technologies to discover how SCADA can improve your operations.

More on SCADA:

No worries about mixed communication platforms either, as Access Technologies designs and implements systems that combine dial-up, radio frequency, and high-speed wireless access points. This data seamlessly integrates into SCADA master units for access and control. Access Technologies can also monitor for that system's health across the entire network-- searching for technical or mechanical issues in remote telemetry units before they become a point of failure.

For high-capacity communication in remote regions, SCADA Radio from Access Technologies offers stability and security, while remaining cost-effective. No roaming fees and long-distance charges here. Once licensing fees are paid, customers are “always on”, with the ability to transmit and receive encrypted, real-time data monitoring and control of applications, large and small.

When there’s the need for temporary or permanent “back haul” encrypted traffic, Access Technologies provides strategic planning and execution of Cellular Telemetry through their Cellular Routers. Access Technologies understands all of the multiple applications that this technology provides and can provide installation and support for the following applications:

Of course, security is always top-of-mind and Access Technologies understands that not all technicians within an organization require equal access. Access Technologies designs systems that allow for many different access levels-- and, where network administrators can change user access at a moment's notice-- worldwide.

As infrastructure expands, companies need not be concerned about upgrade paths or adding sensors at remote locations. Whether it is pipe pressure, voltage, or pump function, Access Technologies can design a new a connection, which provides real-time monitoring and over-the-air encryption of that data stream. Name the application and Access Technologies is there with the solution.

When utilities and public infrastructure projects demand excellence in SCADA communication, implementation, and security-- they look to Access Technologies. Contact Access Technologies today for additional information or to schedule a consultation.


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Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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