Hosted Email Exchange Powered by NED

Our Network Engineering Department, or NED, includes a hosted email service that eliminates capital expenses and relieves you the responsibility and overhead of email administration. NED e-mail Service™ protects you from malicious content in emails and blocks unwanted spam before you pay for it to traverse your Internet connection, and is part of our cloud computing system.

NED Hosted Exchange supports mailing lists, remote access, antivirus, spam-blocking, content filtering, blacklists and whitelists, reverse DNS lookups, and multiple domain support.

Benefits of Hosted Exchange:

  • Eliminates capital expenses associated with email
  • Eliminates software upgrade costs
  • Eliminates administration responsibilities
  • Malicious content filtering in email body or attachments
  • Anti-virus, spam-blocking functionality
  • Internet access to your email anywhere
  • Host service backed up 4 times daily
  • Use Outlook as your mail client
  • Groupware capability
  • Email archiving capability
  • Simple cost model - $/email account/month. No surprises

Talk with your Access Technologies consultant about Hosted Exchange powered by NED; we're here to provide solutions that make you more productive, from your email service to cloud computing and network management.


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Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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