Saturday, June 27th, 2015

The Future of Wireless

Regardless of who is providing them, wireless services hang on the availability of spectrum. What is the spectrum? In short, it is a set of licensed radio airwaves that allow us to share mobile data, from family pictures to internet memes with one another in the matter of seconds. For years a major point of contention among wireless service providers has been the limited availability of spectrum available for purchase in order to meet the absolutely critical and growing demand for data. Access Technologies eliminates much of the hassle for regional business, organizations, and government by providing wireless licensing, installation, path analysis, and more- not to mention comprehensive management and monitoring of the health of your slice of the spectrum.

In the expanding world of the Internet of Everything, mobile data and consistent, high performance wireless systems are becoming essential digital real estate. The FCC's recent announcement that it will be selling new swaths of spectrum early next year that currently are reserved for TV broadcasters reflects the growing importance of this service.

The upcoming wireless auction and its outcomes will influence the accessibility of wireless data services and provide the opportunity for providers to expand into under served urban areas as well as rural regions currently unable to utilize this communications technology. Widening the coverage of wireless and providing consistently robust services is one of our objectives at Access Technologies, and we are thrilled to be part of this expanding field while developing specialized alternatives to generic wireless providers. Our agile systems work flawlessly with our managed services to provide a dependable means of transmitting data to and from anywhere.

When approaching the development of new wireless systems for clients across the southwest, we follow a four-fold plan of attack that includes working closely with our constituents to assess their needs, design reliable systems, implement services quickly and effectively, and manage their continued health and performance. The recent developments in this field and the expansion of upcoming spectrum auctions are a clear indication of the growing significance of wireless to an increasingly connected world. Ready to be a part of the future of wireless and data sharing? Let's work together to innovate and deliver communications systems with real impact. Get in touch with Access Technologies to discuss your project.

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