Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Major ISP's Slowing Internet Traffic Speeds

This week a report from independent technology surveyors at BattleForTheNet have released a study that indicates that the top five internet service providers in the United States, which include AT&T, Time Warner, and Verizon, are slowing accessible internet speeds to some of the world's most trafficked websites. This revelation comes in the wake of the Federal Communications Commission development of new rules meant to protect “net neutrality,” or the axiom that all data online should be equal. Access Technologies has been delivering uncompromised internet access to New Mexico and the surrounding states for the past decade, and have long held the conviction that our clients should receive the fastest and most secure technology systems regardless of current political and economic trends in the field.

The study examined information from 300,000 internet users and found significant degradations on most major networks, which represent the way 75% of Americans access the internet. What does this mean to the casual internet surfer? It means that you are not receiving the internet speeds you are promised and are paying for.

While our Wi-Fi solutions are adapted for high density purposes, delivering internet access to organizations like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, government offices, and businesses, we work to provide systems that reflect our values and our promise to clients. Access Technologies was founded on principles that reflect our values of holistic assessment and problem solving, transparency, and effective management. That means that when you choose to employ Wi-Fi services from Access Technologies, you'll get the fastest speeds deliverable and sound management to monitor the health of your systems.

Ready to employ consistent internet services from a local ISP? Get in touch with us at Access Technologies.

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