As your small to medium business grows, you may not be able to afford the time it takes to maintain your own information technologies system. When you need to integrate technology that handles your information technologies system for you, Access Technologies has the equipment and expertise you need to keep your business running proficiently.

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The recent earthquake that devastated Nepal is just one example of how, in the aftermath of tragedy, aid workers and local communities are utilizing technology to provide lifesaving information regionally and internationally, communicate strategies and news, and quickly deliver aid to individuals affected. Access Technologies has long been committed to the application of informational technology and high performance IT systems to the improvement of our local community in Albuquerque and the world. Whether it is videoconferencing equipment used to deliver education or cloud storage accelerating economic progress in developing nations- technology has the power to improve our world and better our future. When applied to disaster relief, technology in many forms has the capacity to provide tools that do more than offer convenience, but save lives.

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“Gordon Bernell Charter School is a three-campus school, serving approximately 600 incarcerated adults. When we began, we started with a blank slate. Access Technologies created our own network, put in all the wiring, worked through all the technical issues, and established the relationships with elected officials. We had to ensure that we could run reading programs and testing over our network without compromising security at the Metropolitan Detention Center. As we’ve added campuses, Access created the system to allow our student data and grades to be on a shared network, even though our campuses are 25 miles apart.”

-Greta Roskom, Director, Gordon Bernell Charter School

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As a business owner, you are always looking for a competitive edge – whether it is hiring the best employees, selling the best product or just simply working the hardest. The problem is that all entrepreneurs are trying to be better, faster and stronger. One way to gain an advantage is to think outside the box with managed data services.

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