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As a business owner, you know the frustration and cost associated with down time of your IT infrastructure. These problems may arise by the lack of in house IT support or as the result of the staggering pace of change in technology such as the growth of cloud-based storage and computing. It may that your company has grown to the point that you need professional IT support, or that your company has outpaced the level of current expertise.

We get it. For 20 years, we’ve provided the solution for IT services. Our business networking solutions include integration, equipment (servers, switches, routers, firewalls), storage, Wi-Fi, structured cabling as well as Ned™ managed services to ensure it’s all working well and with optimum security and speed.

Our set of IT services is designed to enable competitive advantage through the thoughtful evolution of your IT environment into an enterprise-wide foundation that enables business applications and supports business processes.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current IT company or if your company has downsized and no longer needs full-time IT staff internally, our managed services may be the solution during this stage in your company.

Contact us today for an assessment of your infrastructure environment. We can help you understand what you have, define your goals and priorities, and develop a plan for moving you forward. Our most common IT services include the following:

Network Integration Services

Your network is the central nervous system of your business. All of your communications, business processes, and applications depend on it. However, changing business processes and technologies, geographically dispersed users and sites, and multivendor requirements can make it difficult for your network to keep pace.

Based on a proven delivery model for networking, Access Technologies' Network Integration Services can help ensure your network's ability to provide the level of availability and performance that your business requires. By tailoring network design that can respond to changing business requirements, we can also design a system to improve network availability and performance while managing costs.

Comprehensive networking service functions

Assess – Your network is the central nervous system for your business. Access’ network engineers employee the latest tools to evaluate the current state of your network infrastructure.

Design – Whether your network serves 5 users or 5000, Access’ network engineers can design enhancements to your existing network that will meet your needs now and into the future. We take the time to understand your business’ operations and plans and tailor a network infrastructure that balances your needs for speed and throughput with your budget. Access’ long standing relationships with DELL and other leading manufacturers ensures that we are positioned to provide a high quality network design at a competitive price.

Implement – Based on our design, the implementation can include structured cabling, integration, configuration, documentation and training. We consistently deliver networks that preform to our design and commitment.

Manage - The core focus of Network Management powered by NED™ is the provision of Infrastructure Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting Services. NED™ utilizes the very latest in technology and management tools and is delivered from our NED™ Operations Center (NOC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It provides managers with a clear view of their IT infrastructure and valuable trending analysis for informed decision-making.

Cabling Services

An intelligently designed cabling system can pay for itself many times over its lifetime. Good decisions today can eliminate costly re-cabling in the future. A separate specification written for communications cabling systems ensures maximization of the end user’s specific applications and reduces performance variances. Integrating technologies will increase your production capabilities, and adherence to established industry standards ensures the security and functionality of your structured cabling system.

Access Technologies understands your applications and will design cabling infrastructure customized for you. Access Technologies cabling services may include:

  • Category 5 (Cat 5e) cabling
  • Category 6 (Cat 6) cabling
  • Fiber Optic cabling
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Installation and Upgrade Paths
  • RF and UHF link connections between integrated systems and/or buildings
  • Wireless network integration and extensions
  • Test and commission
Contact us today to learn more about our IT services.

More About IT Services

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Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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