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Cloud computing is growing in popularity around the globe and it is easy to see why. Traditional networks utilize an excessive amount of hardware in comparison to cloud computing. With more hardware comes more risk. With the traditional network, if a server goes down, its dependent hardware also goes down resulting in delays of your business’ processes. Why take the chance when there is a safer and more secure alternative?

Access Technologies understands the need for a scalable, flexible network that business owners, government agencies, and educational facilities can rely upon. For that reason, we offer several cloud-based services that have more benefits than traditional networking – including higher efficiency and lower costs. Some of our cloud services include:

By making the move to cloud computing from your traditional network, you can eliminate the worry of data loss from your workday. With the cloud, your data, files, applications, email, programs, etc. are stored in a data center equipped with several servers. In the event that one server stops functioning properly, the other servers will pick up where it left off, allowing you to conduct business as usual without drastic interruptions.

You can also minimize costs by making the move to the cloud. With cloud computing, there is no capital expenditure as you only pay for what you use. Also, without the need for expensive hardware, costly upgrades, and time-consuming maintenance, you can maximize the efficiency of your time and money. Our NED™ Cloud Services provide you with fast and reliable disaster recovery. Traditional networks can take hours to recover but Access Technologies’ services are up to 4 times faster.

Our variety of cloud services at Access Technologies allow you, your employees, and colleagues to stay in contact with each other when working on projects to ensure the job gets done. Additionally, our cloud storage and File Sync services allow your employees to work from remote locations and have real-time access to files and documents that are saved in the cloud. With this accessibility, the days of saving documents in multiple locations on multiple devices, emailing them to each other, and waiting for responses are over. With our cloud services, you can get projects done fast and efficiently.

To find out more about how you can make the move to cloud computing and get the best use of your time and money while eliminating the fear of data loss, contact Access Technologies today.

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Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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