Physical Security

Physical Security

Keeping your facility secure is top priority. Access Technologies provides security solutions, including cloud-based systems, for business, government, education, utilities, manufacturing and other types of organizations. Whether it’s through Access Controls to monitor movement within the facility, Video Surveillance or the management of these systems, we’ll protect your assets through integrated technology solutions.

We understand that security is a top priority when it comes to facility management. We provide the most reliable solutions to ensure your facility and employees' safety 24/7/365. Our security solutions will keep your facility protected against theft, vandalism, and unwanted intruders. Our reports can also be used to address compliancy regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA and other industry best practices.

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  • Video Surveillance

    video surveillance

    Access Technologies' high definition IP digital Video Surveillance cameras and software enable you to monitor your facility and be alerted to any disturbances immediately to ensure complete business security and peace of mind for your employees and clients. Cloud-based systems are very scalable as well. Our IP digital

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Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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Comprehensive Networking Service Functions

Assess - Our technical staff will work with you to determine the security challenges to be solved. We’ve helped solve many hundreds of complex situations in organizations’ physical security needs and we’re confident that whatever your need, we can create a solution. An Access Technologies security consultant will guide you through a short, systematic analysis of your business' current day-to-day operations, as well as your facility and physical surroundings, so that we can recommend a complete system configuration that will meet your particular needs and improve security in the workplace.

Design and Installation - Whether you're looking for Access Controls or Video Surveillance, we will design and install a complete system for your requirements.

Manage - Access Technologies can not only assist you in designing your complete physical security solution and integrating it with your existing IT infrastructure, , we can provide solution support and long-term maintenance with our network management powered by NED™. This can remove the need for employees to monitor and manage your systems health, allowing third-party neutrality as well as freedom from staffing and training issues, metric-based reporting to anticipate further needs, and predictable costs.

Your entire security network can be managed reliably and proactively by NED, our exclusive remote management system, to ensure that your security network is always working at its full potential. Through infrastructure monitoring, alerting and reporting, our NED™ team utilizes the very latest technology and management tools to maintain 24/7 analysis of our clients’ physical security. This proactive management solution offers a higher level of service than most companies could afford when the security management is handled internally.

Contact Us today to learn more about our Physical Security services.

More About Physical Security

  • Access Technologies Explains: Importance of Video Surveillance to your Business’s Security

    Access Technologies Explains: Importance of Video Surveillance to your Business’s Security

    There is nothing more discouraging than investing quite a bit of time into work and then seeing it compromised by the lack of physical protection. As business owners, Access Technologies knows the value of warranted assurance, safety and peace of mind. We are proud to offer clients our Physical Security Technology of video surveillance so you, too, can share the peace of mind that comes with our complete security solution. Read More
  • How Access Controls Secure Your Business

    How Access Controls Secure Your Business

    Securing your business requires much more than just a lock and key. Access Controls allow you to authorize entry and to always know who is in your facility, where, and when. Access Controls are IP-based keyless entry solutions equipped with full software features to ensure reliable managing and real-time 24/7/365 monitoring of your facility’s entrance points. Read More
  • Surveillance for Business Security

    Surveillance for Business Security

    Keeping your property, employees, and assets safe is just one important application of video surveillance that is at the forefront of every business owner's mind. Yet, advanced video surveillance systems do much more than just provide a theft deterrent. The access controls and video surveillance systems developed at Access Technologies provide a cost effective and easy to implement way in which to monitor your property, productivity, gain insights, and respond quickly to any threats. Read More
  • Cloud Access: Ready to Grow with Your Company

    Cloud Access: Ready to Grow with Your Company

    As companies grow, there is the increasing need for additional security in sensitive areas and to verify the credentials of employees and to communicate outward to business owners and security personnel. Historically, strong authentication for organizations has been out of reach due to cost considerations and the complexity of installation. However, with the assistance of Access Technologies' Integrated Services, credential management can be easy and cost-effective. Read More
  • Access Control in the Cloud

    Access Control in the Cloud

    Cloud computing is a new and growing way of hosting data and applications on a central server with mobile accessibility. Instead of hosting your business’ systems on an in-house server that requires constant upkeep, Access Technologies can provide the hosting and take care of the maintenance, saving your business time and money. Read More
  • Access Controls in the Cloud for Educational Facilities

    Access Controls in the Cloud for Educational Facilities

    Recent advances in technology have allowed security to become tighter and more protective. Access Technologies offers several devices, programs, and services to keep school and college campuses safe. Read More
  • Access Technologies Supports FirstNet®

    Access Technologies Supports FirstNet®

    Access Technologies is proud to announce their support of FirstNet®, an effort for public safety. Read More
  • Access Controls & the Cloud: Keeping your Business Safe

    Access Controls & the Cloud: Keeping your Business Safe

    As a small business owner, there may come a time when you get that dreaded call in the middle of the night saying the security of your building has been compromised. Read More
  • Outdated Security Cameras Are Not Effective

    Outdated Security Cameras Are Not Effective

    How old are your video surveillance cameras? They may be too old to be useful when you really need them. Read More
  • Our Partnership with SureView Systems Means Better Security Management for You

    Our Partnership with SureView Systems Means Better Security Management for You

    Access Technologies is pleased to partner with SureView Systems. This means we have even more to offer you in the way of security management. Read More
  • Flexible Remote Site Security Locks

    Flexible Remote Site Security Locks

    Access Technologies understands that business executives and government agencies need flexible security in sensitive areas of the workplace and in the field. Many new innovations make high-performance security solutions possible. Read More
  • Growing Security Threats

    Growing Security Threats

    Are smart phones intelligent enough to hack into private servers and steal information? With the rise of the Internet of Things, all of us will control more and more of the functions of our homes, cars and even jobs with our smart phones. On the flip side, there's always the threat of others being able to access the technology, passwords and bank account numbers stored inside our own devices. Read More
  • Protect Your Organization with Access Controls

    Protect Your Organization with Access Controls

    If you own a business or work for an organization that frequently handles sensitive information, protecting your data and your physical workplace is likely top of mind. Investing in a high quality surveillance system is imperative to keeping your assets and employees secure, but Access Technologies wants you to know that there are more defensive methods you can employ to protect your business before a security breach takes place. One of the most effective ways to defend against potential threats it to take advantage of Access Technologies’ IP based keyless entrance access control systems. Controlling access to proprietary information and restricted areas within your organization prevents sensitive data from falling in to the wrong hands. The solutions that Access Technologies offers are convenient, cost effective, and provide best in class protection. Read More
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