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Video Conferencing System

Keep your team connected. Access Technologies delivers face-to-face video high-definition conferencing utilizing "the cloud” for seamless teleconferencing—from point-to-point to multi-party meetings. Simple and fast, everyone, regardless of location, can be part of your meeting. A quick set-up and we’re plug-and-play ready—now you can collaborate with the entire team, anywhere at any time.

Whether you call it a virtual meeting, teleconferencing, distance learning, or telepresence, video conferencing is about connecting people. It allows your employees to communicate at their very best with fellow employees and customers alike, regardless of their location. For business, video conferencing can provide ROI by cutting travel costs. Videoconferencing in education is changing how people learn. Video conferencing evolves rapidly and our software-based solution from LifeSize HD Video Conferencing updates easily, unlike hardware-based systems that can tie up dollars and quickly become outdated.

Face-to-face meetings are vital to the success of these relationships and endeavors, and the only way to maximize your level of collaboration in our fast-paced business world is by utilizing video conferencing.

Assess: Video conferencing systems are very adaptable, so we'll work with you to assess the environment you need for your video system.

Design: Once we understand your enterprise's need, we'll design a video conferencing system that addresses it, while allowing future growth and adaptability. Our systems are easy to use, even allowing a cell phone to be incorporated through a high-quality, secure connection. Our systems include recording capability, and for classroom use, a testing function can be incorporated.

Implementation: Not only do we provide the installation of your video conferencing system, we'll make sure your staff is trained on its use.

Manage: Because these systems are easy to incorporate into your communications with staff, students or clients, there is no long term management that we'll need to provide to you! However, if you need additional training in the future, or to update the software as technology advances, we'll always be available to help.

Great Features of Our Video Conferencing Systems:
  • Setup and running in minutes
  • Easy—click to call anyone, even mid-meeting
  • Meet where you want. No need for a conference room
  • Integrated chat capabilities
  • Works with your business firewall, eliminating system administrator support for each call

If you been researching a video conferencing system, you may be questioning which system will be the right one for your organization. To answer these questions or for additional information regarding video conferencing systems and products, please contact Access Technologies.

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Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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