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As businesses seek capabilities beyond those of traditional PBX phone systems to meet today's communication needs, they have begun to purchase unified communication systems instead. These new systems, such as Vertical Wave IP and cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), are generally based on open hardware and software standards, provide switching between communications lines, basic telephony services such as placing and receiving calls, multi-media messaging, web-based administration, and computer telephony integration (CTI) applications that integrate computer and telephone systems.

Unified communication systems combine the attributes of these two types of systems and allow medium-sized businesses to communicate over both the PSTN and the Internet, providing businesses with a telecommunications solution for the Internet era.

With VoIP, your business can take full advantage of an expandable and flexible business phone system that is easy to learn and use. Whether your business has five employees or five thousand, cloud-based VoIP means less up-front and long-term costs because the bulk of the hardware is in data centers which are professionally maintained and upgraded.

Small and medium-sized businesses need cost-effective, flexible phone systems that can help them respond to new opportunities and growth. Unified communication systems that will offer scalability, IP applications, and a range of feature-rich endpoints to help you optimize the potential of your phone system. Our goal is to help your people and your business work more responsively, productively, and profitably.

Solutions in Unified Communications:

Assess: We'll assess your organization to create an easy-to-use visual interface that integrates your voice and data networks; enabling intuitive drag-and-drop and mouse-click call handling. A powerful administrator’s interface that provides a strategic bird's-eye view of your entire organization, allowing you to monitor overall activity or a specific individual.

Design: We'll design an IP telephony system that enables sophisticated call routing capabilities as well as the ability to record and archive calls. Advanced messaging features allow voice messages can be seen as entries in your email inbox and accessed via the Internet. Regardless of where your sales offices are or your need for calls to reach very mobile people, we'll design a solution that keeps your communication flowing, making it even easier for clients and prospects to reach you.

Implementation: We’ll install PBX software-based technology that grow dynamically with your business, enabling extensions to be added, moved, or changed quickly and cost-effectively according to your company's needs. Training for your staff will get them up to speed and utilizing the new features quickly and easily.

Manage: Because these systems are easy to incorporate into your communications with staff, students or clients, there is no long term management that we'll need to provide to you! However, if you need additional training in the future, or to update the software as technology advances, we'll always be available to help.

Access Technologies consultants can help you determine if IP Telephony is appropriate for you. We can assess, design, deploy and support a telephony solution for your organization. Contact Us today.

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