WiFi Solutions for High Density Use

WiFi Solutions

Access Technologies creates high-density Wi-Fi networks for applications such as hospitals, malls, college dorms, schools, arenas, hotels, government offices, churches and any other high density Wi-Fi device area.

Comprehensive networking service functions

Assess – Access’ system engineers will analyze the customer’s needs and conduct a predictive or active survey to profile the environment where the Wifi system will be deployed.

Design - Using Xirrus array technology, our systems are designed to handle security and more density at the device level. Our modular designs allow future growth and adaptability. Integrated controller and packet processing provide linear scalability; efficient policy enforcement; high resiliency and excellent network performance; as well as easy installation. For the small to medium sized business, we work to solve your network issues, allowing the owner or manager to run the business, not the IT system. If your company has grown past a big box, off-the-shelf need for Wi-Fi services, we’ll craft a solution from just $595 plus licensing and optional management fees. The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array supplied by Access Technologies is the only Wi-Fi device that can effectively replace a traditional Ethernet workgroup switch and provide users with a reliable wireless network service. Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays offer an unparalleled level of capacity, range, coverage, and performance to deliver the best Wi-Fi services at reduced deployment and ownership costs, compared to traditional wired networks.

Implementation – Access uses advanced project management techniques and highly trained and licensed installation teams to ensure that all aspects of installation including physical installation and IT integration and commissioning by accredited and experienced IT professionals are completed flawlessly to deliver the system that we design.

Manage – Managed Wi-Fi powered by Ned™ will monitor and analyze system KPI’s including signal strength, latency, and a breadth of network health variables to ensure your system is consistently operating in an optimized fashion. Periodic reports and dashboards will ensure that you are always in tune with the health of your network. We offer options including Spares management and “Spare in the air” to balance your budget with the critical nature of your wireless network.

NED Network Management
  • Highly Secure Wi-Fi: Integrated Wi-Fi Firewall, integrated spectrum analyzer, dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor, and rogue AP blocking
  • Highly Resilient Wi-Fi: Resiliency at the radio, Array, uplink, backhaul, and power level
  • Line Rate Encryption: Line rate encryption within the Array, no bottlenecks
  • Future Proof: Modular design and flash upgradeable allows for quick field upgrades
  • Reduced Cost: 75% less devices, cabling, switch ports, and installation time
  • Layer 3 Roaming: Security policies can be created for different types of users to control parameters; such as time-of-day and day-of-the-week access, QoS, and traffic limits
  • Location Services: Client's location can be mapped to building floor plans, based on location of the client relative to the Array
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More About WiFi

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Network Engineering Department

Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT + network monitoring, alerting and reporting services through NED - our exclusive management system.

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